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Do you own one or more rental properties and would like to be free of all the burdens of their daily management?

We have the solution !
N°1 In the property management sector
148 Years of experience
+ 6000 Rental management of real estate

Rental Management


Why choose OP ?

For several generations, thousands of owners have relied on OP to relieve them of the financial, technical and administrative burdens associated with managing their property. OP offers a wide range of services throughout Belgium.

From the signing of a lease to the collection and index-adjustment of rents, including legal handling of disputes, technical and claims management, or even the refurbishment of an apartment, OP can take care of everything.

Why choose OP ?

OP has developed its expertise in rental management by serving both individuals and institutional investors, in relation to all types of property, whether houses, garage blocks or apartments.

Do you want to rent out your property without having to deal with the administrative, technical, legal and financial hassles? We have the solution for you, because our objective is to make your property profitable, from the removal of any legal obstacles through to the signing of the lease.

We manage everything from A to Z

Finding a tenant


Managing your tenant

End of lease

  • Looking for potential tenants

  • Installing advertising signs

  • Showcasing your property with photos taken by drone

  • Virtual visit

  • Coming up with a plan according to the type of property

  • Different forms of media coverage

  • Drawing up a description of the property to let

  • Ensuring availability for viewings

  • Selecting the best potential tenant

  • Running a credit check

  • Drafting the lease

  • Signing of the lease

  • Setting up a rental guarantee

  • Energy management (meter readings)

  • Incoming inventory carried out by an expert

  • Energy Performance of Buildings (PEB/EPC)

  • Handing over of keys

  • Lease & inventory registration

  • Installation of fire detectors

  • Tenant relations

  • Monitoring work and maintenance

  • Daily monitoring of collection of rent and charges

  • Insurance and litigation

  • Insurance claim management

  • Rent recovery

  • Accounting management: charges and rents

  • Lease contract management

  • Inventory and rental damage

  • Final settlement of charges

  • Release of rental guarantee

  • Transfer of meter registration

  • Fresh valuation with a view to re-letting the property

Who uses rental management?



Owners often entrust us with the rental management of their property assets in order to free themselves from the associated burdens.



People living abroad for various reasons (work, long-term travel, etc.) often entrust us with the letting and management of their property for the duration of their stay abroad.

Family real estate companies and investors

Family real estate companies and investors

We manage substantial property holdings in corporate or joint ownership form, safeguarding each party’s interests, remaining completely independent and impartial and maintaining a constant focus on quality and professionalism.

Regulated real estate investment companies (SIR/GVV)

Regulated real estate investment companies (SIR/GVV)

Various institutional investors, whether privately owned or listed on NYSE Euronext, have entrusted us with the complete management of their property assets.

Our various packages

OP Financial Management



If you can’t stand paperwork, OP Financial is here for you!

  • Collection of rents and rental fees

  • Follow-up of unpaid rents

  • Rent indexation

  • Legal assistance and advice

  • Litigation follow-up

  • Properties in Belgium and abroad

  • Lease registration

  • Optional service - Unpaid rent insurance (2.5% of rent excluding VAT)

  • Optional service - Rental placement (one month rent excluding VAT)

OP Property Management



Do you want to maintain control over your expenses? OP Property Management is here for you!


In addition to all the points covered in the Financial Management offer, there are :

  • Technical management

  • Statement of tenant fees

  • Reporting to the owner

  • Trustee contact

  • Quotation and monitoring of works

  • Appointment for the inventory and PEB

  • Accounts payable

  • Follow-up of rents

Our favourite offer

OP Serenity Pack



Do you value peace of mind and want OP to take care of everything? The OP Serenity Pack is here for you.


In addition to all the points covered in the Financial Management and Rental Management offer, there are :

  • Unpaid rents insurance

  • Optional service - Rental placement (one month rent excluding VAT)

*subject to the general terms and conditions of sale

Are you persuaded by our offer?

You can count on us

Your property is secure

  • Looking for potential tenants
  • Running a credit check
  • Drafting the lease

Your data are protected

  • Access to your account is entirely secure.
  • Your personal data are encoded and declared to the CNIL.

A long-term partner with recognized expertise

  • OP has been around for 130 years and is one of the real estate companies

Are you persuaded by our offer?

For the past 135 years, it has been the standard property lease in Belgium

For the past 135 years, it has been the standard property lease in Belgium

Sell or rent a property?
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Sell or rent a property?

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Brussels South Office

Brussels South Office

Vilain XIIII-street, 53-55

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Brussels North Office

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Namur Office Park

Namur Office Park

Avenue des Dessus de Lives, 2

B-5101 Namur (Loyers)

Brabant Wallon Office

Brabant Wallon Office

Rue Emile Franqui, 11

1435 Mont Saint Guibert

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